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With the changing health & economic situation that all of us are facing, many critical projects in companies are facing delays due to freezes on hiring and deprioritized team training initiatives. Doing more with existing teams, faster, is going to be key. Investing is the right automation framework and the right kind of (concierge) support offering is going to get your projects completed in time. When the world gets through this calamity, and it will, are you going to be ready to compete and win?

Rafay is offering an opportunity for startups — specifically Series-C and earlier — to accelerate their Kubernetes journey.

The offer

  • Low, fixed price for first year’s usage of Rafay’s SaaS-based Kubernetes cluster management, application deployment and operations platform
  • Unlimited engagement with Rafay’s deep bench of solution architecture team. We’ll help you get your environments up and running, help you get your CI system configured, help you understand how auto-scaling & metrics/log collection should work, help you come up with a secrets management strategy, and more.

Target environments

  • Amazon (EKS)
  • On premises (Rafay MKS)

The price

  • Up to 5 EKS clusters: $500 per month per cluster
  • Up to 5 on-premises (Rafay MKS based) clusters: $1,000 per month per cluster

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The Rafay Platform

The Rafay Multi-Cluster Management Platform is a turnkey offering that automates Kubernetes cluster management, application deployment and operations at scale. The platform enables development, operations and site reliability engineering teams to govern, manage and monitor multiple Kubernetes clusters and distros, and operating applications in Kubernetes environments running on-premise, in the cloud or at the Edge. Rafay accelerates team productivity resulting in faster time-to-market for new business capabilities.

Rafay’s engagement model (SaaS based consumption + concierge support) for startups and for teams driving new initiatives means customers can be up and running with their Kubernetes environments quickly by working hand-in-hand with Rafay’s deep bench of Kubernetes experts.

Get in touch

Email: Now@Rafay.CO
Twitter: @rafaysystemsinc

Posted by Haseeb Budhani