The Programmable Edge: Faster and Easier

At Rafay Systems we're defining the Programmable Edge. In our view, the Edge is as close as you, as an application owner, can get to your end users. Studies have demonstrated when web site speed improves the user experience browse-to-buy conversion rates increase. The

Is Your Application Cloud Native?

Here’s my litmus test to determine whether an application is cloud native:

  1. It MUST be able to run entirely on spot instances in a public cloud environment. The application must be designed such that any one instance being shut down randomly should have no material impact on the

Introducing The Programmable Edge

The dynamics of the Internet are changing.

Previously, data traveled primarily in one direction: to end users. Now, driven by smart(er) devices and improved access bandwidth, end users are generating content that needs to be processed quickly for a better end user experience.