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Definitive Requirements for Telcos, CDNs and CSPs Launching Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Something has changed in the industry. The number of cloud service providers, Content Delivery Networks and telecommunications companies that are exploring options to offer Kubernetes-as-a-service (KaaS) to enterprise customers is growing at a surprising pace. Here’s what

Rafay Startup Package

With the changing health & economic situation that all of us are facing, many critical projects in companies are facing delays due to freezes on hiring and deprioritized team training initiatives. Doing more with existing teams, faster, is going to be key. Investing is the

We can build this inhouse is the new Mythical Man Month

The best part of my job is talking to really smart DevOps and Ops/SRE engineers who understand Kubernetes and the surrounding ecosystem well. They understand that running Kubernetes in any meaningful way requires a significant investment in the right people, the right tools, and

#Kubecon 2019 Takeaway Part 2: It's a Multi-Cluster, Multi-Distro World

This blog was co-authored by Rupinder (Robbie) Gill and Haseeb Budhani.

#Kubecon 2019 Takeaway Part 1: We Live in a Multi-Cluster World

This blog was co-authored by Rupinder (Robbie) Gill and Haseeb Budhani.

Why Rafay

Before beginning our Rafay journey, a number of us on Team Rafay were at another startup called Soha Systems. At Soha, we operated a platform in a multi-cluster (multi-region) environment across multiple cloud provider networks. At the time, multi-cloud wasn’t exactly a hashtag

Azure & OpenShift: App Lifecycle Management is super important

But Customers are On Their Own to Figure it out.


Rafay and D2iQ: Unifying Application and Infrastructure Management

Learn what’s possible with D2iQ and Rafay by combining container application lifecycle with Kubernetes cluster management.

Haseeb Budhani Interview at CloudExpo 2019 - Transcription

This interview was conducted at the 23rd International Cloud Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. The full video interview is available here.

Airship & Rafay: Automated Cluster Management & Application Distribution

The Combination delivers seamless Lifecycle Management for Bare-Metal Infrastructure, Kubernetes and Containerized Applications for Service Provider Networks